Confession: some days I exist on pickles and lunch meat.

When I’m not swilling from a Claussen jar, I’m searching Pinterest for new recipe ideas. I’m finding that most of my searches are just trying to recreate old favorites in a way that works for this way of eating.

Last night I stumbled upon a recipe for keto gnocchi – believe it or not – and if it doesn’t work and taste like pasta, it will be a soul-crushing defeat. This week I’m really missing pasta. Like the deserts miss the rain. So let’s all say a prayer that this works because if I have to eat another zoodle I’m going to scream. Quit trying to be something you’re not, zucchini.



That’s a picture from my old life. 

The list of garbage foods I need to try to recreate keto-style keeps growing. I’m pretty sure I’d attempt Chef Boyardee ravioli if I thought it was possible.

  • Pizza Rolls (I’ve wondered about just sucking the filling out but I don’t think I can track that on My Fitness Pal)
  • Ramen (Is that one even possible? And will it only cost 20 cents?)
  • French Fries (I will try until I succeed, zucchini and other things that aren’t remotely fries)
  • Corn Dogs (Because life’s a fair)
  • Mac & Cheese (does Velveeta make a cauliflower shells and cheese?)

I have noticed it gets easier the longer you resist. Today I walked past a hot pretzel stand without longing for one and you’d think I won an Olympic medal I was so proud.

Anyway, recipe attempts for some of these will follow soon.

Have you converted any of your old favorites to new favorites?





  1. Melanie Kristy

    My favorite Pizza is the Fat Head pizza crust! Otherwise I haven’t tried to convert a lot of old favorites, instead I just look for Keto/ Low Carb recipes on Pinterest. Otherwise I’m eating cheese and deli meat or sausages or something ridiculously easy. Or salad.

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