I’ve been toying around with the idea of blogging for a long time, but I never really had much to say. Now, I’m on a mission (I was going to say journey but that sounds too leisurely) to fall in love with my body. It’s been a rocky relationship, but breaking up is not an option, so…  I’m 2 months into a keto lifestyle and about 1/3 of the way into my 70-pound goal – so there’s a lot left to say.

Some days it sucks. Some days I’d give my left boob for a bowl of pasta. But other days I see the positive changes I’m making and I’m reminded of why I’m doing this. Because nothing else has worked for me. Because I want to be healthy enough to run. Because I will eventually be walking down the aisle and I want to be stunning. Because I want to have kiddos and chase fireflies with them. And honestly, because I want to feel like I look good and just be in the moment without thinking about how I look.

So this is the launch of me sharing stories and victories, recipe (fails), photos and hopefully some inspiration. And of course, the comical ways I try to turn everything except potatoes into french fries. I miss you, boo.