I’ve not been so great with the blogging lately, and that’s largely because I haven’t done so well with the eating either. I had a trip to Nashville at the start of the week and things kind of spiraled out of control. I blame whiskey, but it’s really my own fault. The cravings since have been rough but I’m getting back on track. Going to come up with a solid game plan for next week and be strict about it. May doesn’t need to be a wash!


In a weird way, I see the same self sabotage that happened to me last time I lost weight. I hit a weight where I feel like I’m doing well and think “Oh, I have earned some treats” and then it’s just a shit show. I’m not letting that happen this time. I’m so glad I can recognize that and change.


Goals for the next couple days: come up with a meal plan for next week, and pin some inpso on pintrest so I can get motivated again.